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City Symphonies

Audiovisual creation project

What are our cities like? And what can the gaze of filmmakers reveal about them?

City Symphonies takes as reference point the "city symphonies" of the early 20th century, but also more recent films, and takes the approach of a first-person notebook in which the filmmakers record their thoughts and emotions, and suggest many different perspectives of living in today's city. It aims at creatively seeing and analysing urban space through the personal itineraries of the different filmmakers, creating a collection of audiovisual woks that bear witness to the cities of the early 21st century.

City Symfonies is a project produced by the CCCB working in collaboration with the professional collective Dones Visuals. The selection of works has been made to give a voice to both established and emerging filmmakers.


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Trailer of "Has estado aquí"

Vivian Muñoz Rodriguez

After a long journey of migration lasting 20 years, the director faces her most difficult time: watching her mother age from afar and seeing how her dementia-ridden mind begins to forget those few moments they shared in Barcelona and Bogotá.

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Trailer of "Anhel de llum"

Alba Cros Pellisé

Anhel de llum is an exploration of Barcelona through light, as it falls on the streets of the city and the people around me who live there: my chosen family. The sun as a brush that naturally highlights what can be seen and what remains in the darkness, clashing with the human artifice ...

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