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City Symphonies

City Symphonies 2022

First edition of the audiovisual project by the CCCB

City Symphonies aims at seeing and analysing urban space through the personal itineraries of different filmmakers; creating a collection of audiovisual pieces that bear witness to the cities of the early 21st century.

This first series presents seven pieces, filmed in Barcelona and other towns in the metropolitan area. The selection has been made to give a voice to both established and emerging filmmakers, working in collaboration with the professional collective Dones Visuals.

The pieces of the project make their subsequent tour of festivals after premiering at D'A - Barcelona Film Festival.

This activity is part of City Symphonies

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Trailer of "Esa fugaz esencia que dejaron los sucesos"

Carolina Astudillo

Walter Benjamin defined “Spur” or trace as the “appearance of a nearness, however far removed the thing left it behind may be”.

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Trailer of "Amalgama"

Beatriz Pérez Martín

If the city is constructed by people and people are constructed by emotions, what places in the metropolis are reserved for our most human part? Do these places actually exist? Amalgama is the need to return to our origins to rediscover our centre.

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City Symphonies

Seven cinematic views of Barcelona

Presentation of "City Symphonies" at the Biennal de Pensament

Premiere of "City Symphonies" 2022

At D'A - Barcelona Film Festival

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