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Juan Mayorga and Carolina Astudillo

Is the desire to leave some kind of legacy, or the need to be remembered an exercise in vanity? Does thinking we must leave some legacy, either material or immaterial, lead to a fuller life? Any legacy brings with it an initial commitment, that of embracing it and giving it continuity, or rejecting and ignoring it. To what and to whom should we give continuity, and what threads should we break?

Direction, script and voice: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Text, script and voice: Juan Mayorga
Editing: José Nicolás
Music: Tempe Hernández
Sound design: Alejandra Molina
Sound studio: Carlos Maestro
Archive: ALMU
Original version: Spanish
Catalan translation: Maria Llopis
English translation: Julie Wark

Collaborator: La uña rota

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20 September 2020