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Juan Mayorga Ruano


(Madrid, 1955)

He holds a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Philosophy. He has been a lecturer in Dramaturgy and Philosophy at the Royal School of Dramatic Art of Madrid and is presently director of the Dramatic Arts Chair at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Notable among his plays are Hamelin, El chico de la última fila, La tortuga de Darwin, La paz perpetua, El cartógrafo, and Animales nocturnos. Among the awards he has received are the National Theatre Prize (2007), the Dramatic Literature Prize (2013), the Valle-Inclán Award (2009), and the Max Best Author award (2006, 2008, and 2009), as well as the prize for Best Adaptation (2008 and 2013). His plays have been performed in more than twenty countries. He also works on a regular basis with companies like Animalario, and has adapted for the stage plays by Euripides, Shakespeare, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Ibsen, Calderón, and Lope de Vega. He is a member of the Royal Spanish Academy, of the Scientific Committee of the National Library of Spain, and is also an honorary member of the Spanish Royal Mathematical Society.

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Juan Mayorga and Carolina Astudillo

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