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Touring activities

The Complete Letters

Filmed Correspondence

La Casa Encendida (Madrid)

Opening on 19 September 2011, La Casa Encendida hosts the project “The Complete Letters. Filmed Correspondence”, presented a few months ago in Mexico at the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco (CCUT).

The creative relation between Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami generated by the exhibition “Erice-Kiarostami. Correspondences” gave an impetus to this new cinematographic format: the exchange of filmed ideas between two filmmakers, examining affinities and differences, mutual respect and shared interests. Other filmmakers have been invited to explore this format, establishing their own variables of visual correspondence, seen as a reflection in the present tense on everything in their environment that stimulates them, in a space of creative freedom.

“The Complete Letters. Filmed Correspondence” is a project that brings together the works exchanged by these pairs of directors who, despite being geographically distant, are united by the desire to share ideas and viewpoints. This is the case of Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami; Isaki Lacuesta and Naomi Kawase; Jaime Rosales and Wang Bing; Albert Serra and Lisandro Alonso; Jose Luis Guerin and Jonas Mekas, and Fernando Eimbcke and So Yong Kim. The first correspondence will be presented on 19 September, then every week until 30 October a new one will be shown in tower 1 of La Casa Encendida. Some of the directors will be present to talk to the audience.

Dates of screenings:

19 to 25 September
Fernando Eimbcke – So Yong Kim

26 September to 2 October
Isaki Lacuesta – Naomi Kawase
Talk with Isaki Lacuesta, So Yong Kim and Jordi Balló on Tuesday 27 September

3 to 9 October
Jaime Rosales – Wang Bing

10 to 16 October
Víctor Erice – Abbas Kiarostami

17 to 23 October
Albert Serra – Lisandro Alonso
Talk with the directors on Tuesday 18 October

24 to 30 October
José Luis Guerin – Jonas Mekas
Talk with the directors on Tuesday 25 October


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