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Cinéastes en correspondance

Wang Bing - Jaime Rosales

Centre Georges Pompidou

Filmed correspondance between Wang Bing and Jaime Rosales, integral retrospectives, inedits, installations, meetings with the filmmakers.

From the exhibition “The Complete Letters” produced by the CCCB, the Centre Georges Pompidou presents “Filmmakers in correspondence”, in which will be presented the whole of the works by the filmmakers that participated in the exhibition at CCCB, two by two. Affinities that allow new dialogues, new creations, new exchanges to share with the public.

In the context of the cycle have been already exhibited the correspondence between Jonas Mekas and José Luis Guerín, from 30th November 2012 to 7th January 2013, and between Albert Serra and Lisandro Alonso, from 17th April to 29th June 2013.

Wang Bing Rosales    

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