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Cinéastes en correspondance

Naomi Kawase - Isaki Lacuesta

Paris / Centre Georges Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Paris opens "Filmmakers in Correspondence", an exhibition and retrospective of the cinematographic creations of the Girona-born filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta and the Japanese film director Naomi Kawase.

From the exhibition "The Compelte Letters. Filmed Correspondence" produced by the CCCB in 2011 and curated by Jordi Balló, the Centre Georges Pompidou brings together the exchange of letters filmed between six pairs of filmmakers from around the world. Together, they generate new dialogues, creations and exchanges to be shared with the audience.

In 2008, invited by the CCCB, Isaki Lacuesta proposed a dialogue with Naomi Kawase, through an exchange of six letters and an epilogue that lasted one year, between August 2008 and July 2009.

The Centre Pompidou has been programming since 2012 the content of the exhibition produced by the CCCB. The program consists of three blocks of activity around the cinematographic couples, which include: projections of artistic exchange between the two filmmakers, the screening of works by the two directors, and an exhibition of artistic installations. The program has been shown in 2012 with Jonas Mekas and Jose Luis Guerin, in 2013 with Albert Serra and Lisandro Alonso, and in 2014 with Jaime Rosales and Wang Bing.

The presence of Kawase and Lacuesta at the Centre Pompidou is complemented by a cinematographic retrospective of each director. Various films will be screened every week, among which we find Cravan vs Cravan (2002), Microscopies (2003), Mars on Earth (2007), all by Isaki Lacuesta, who participates in this exhibition with the collaboration of Institut Ramon Llull, Bòlit. Center for Contemporary Art. Girona and the CCCB.

You can read the full program of "Filmmakers in correspondence", exhibition and retrospective by Isaki Lacuesta and Naomi Kawase here.

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