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Filmed Correspondence

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic)

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival organized annually since 1997 in the month of October, the festival of documentary films and creating reference in Central and Eastern Europe. This is a cultural event that has earned a national and international recognition.

In recent years are producing films with a decent aesthetic originality of its former prestige film schools, under the slogan "THINKING THROUGH THE CINEMA". Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival presents great documentary films, socially significant issues, a great innovator and thoughtful style.
This year during 23 to 28 October, in its 17th edition the Festival, will be held the exhibition "Filmed Correspondence - All letters." Curated by Jordi Ballo, the exhibition brings together works epistolary defined filmmaking. This is an experimental form of communication between directors, however, to be located in geographically remote areas, they are united by a desire to share ideas and thoughts on everything that motivates his work. Within this space of freedom, the directors on exhibit: José Luis Guerin (Barcelona) and Jonas Mekas (New York); Isaki Lacuesta (Girona) and Naomi Kawase (Nara); Albert Serra (Banyoles) and Lisandro Alonso (Buenos Aires); Jaime Rosales (Madrid) and Wang Bing (Shaanxi); and Fernando Eimbcke (Mexico City) and So Yong Kim (Pusan / New York), present similarities and differences, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and interests concurrency, establishing significant formal variants in each of the matches.