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Touring activities

Cinéastes en correspondance

Jonas Mekas - José Luis Guerín

Centre Georges Pompidou

After Victor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami “Correspondence”, was presented at CCCB in 2006 and a year later at Centre Pompidou, Jordi Ballò and CCCB’s team continued this work of approach between artists and the confrontation of their points of view through the production and exhibition of five more filmed correspondences between Jonas Mekas and José Luis Guerin, Albert Serra and Lisandro Alonso, Wang Bing and Jaime Rosales, Naomi Kawase and Isaki Lacuesta, So Yong Kim and Fernando Eimbcke. Having ten of the most innovative filmmakers of today, all generations mixed, the Centre Pompidou invites them in pairs to present the whole of their works and interact among them and with the public, while their filmed correspondence is presented. These mirrored invitations begin with Jonas Mekas and José Luis Guerin, from November 30, 2012 to January 7, 2013, and will continue until late 2014. Elective affinities that will allow new correspondences, creations, exchanges between the ten of them -and other filmmakers that the Centre Pompidou will ask-, for sharing with their viewers.


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