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When everything changes / Quan tot canvia

Kosmopolis — n. 01

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In March 2017, the ninth biennial Kosmopolis Festival was held in Barcelona under the theme “When Everything Changes”. Writers, philosophers, scientists, and artists came together for five days of amplified literature featuring lectures, discussions, seminars, screenings, performances, recitals, workshops and exhibitions, where the spirit of change could breathe freely. This publication is a record (partial and incomplete, by necessity) of the wealth of content produced during the Festival.



Authors: Juan Insua, Timothy Morton, Stefano Mancuso, Carl Safina, Kim Stanley Robinson, Ian Watson, Orna Donath, María Llopis, Brigitte Vasallo, Bel Olid, Sílvia Bel, Lynne Segal, Javier Celaya, Werner Herzog, Paul Holdengräber, PJ Harvey

Publication year: 2019

Pages: 256 (català /english) - 264 (castellano / english)

Dimensions: 15 × 24 cm.

ISBN 978-84-09-08453-1 (català / english)
ISBN 978-84-09-08454-8 (castellano / english)


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