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Paul Holdengräber

Founder and director of LIVE from The New York Public Library.

Paul Holdengräber is the founder and director of LIVE from The New York Public Library. Over the last decade he has curated over six hundred programs and spoken to everyone from Patti Smith to Zadie Smith, Ricky Jay to Jay-Z, Errol Morris to Jan Morris, Brian Eno to Anish Kapoor, Wes Anderson to Junot Diaz, Colm Toibin to Adam Phillips, Ed Ruscha to Elvis Costello, Laurie Anderson to Jessye Norman, Van Cliburn to John Waters, Christopher Hitchens to Carlo Ginzburg, Edwidge Danticat to Ben Lerner, David Lynch to Art Spiegelman, Margaret Atwood to David Blaine, Pete Townshend to Mike Tyson.

Paul Holdengräber has spoken a dozen times in public with Werner Herzog; this regimen of at least one public conversation per year with Herzog keeps Holdengräber from going mad.

For a taste of Herzog & Holdengräber, read the following exchange, published by Brick MagazineWas the Twentieth Century a Mistake?.

Update: 15 April 2017



Has participated in

Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest