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Bel Olid

A writer and translator

A writer, translator, and lecturer in the Department of Catalan Philology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she is also a feminist activist. She made her debut as a fiction writer in 2009 with a book about sexual abuse of children, Crida ben fort, Estela! (Shout out Loud, Estela! – Fineo, 2009), which was awarded the Qwerty Prize for the best children’s book of the year. She subsequently published other books for children and young people, as well as her theoretical reflections on the genre, for example Les heroïnes contraataquen (“The Heroines Fight Back” – Pagès editors, 2011), an essay in which she analyses gender roles in children’s literature. Her first novel, Una terra solitària (“A Solitary Land” – Empúries, 2011)—where, exploring themes like migration, sexuality, and abuse, she tells the stories of three women from the same family—was awarded the Documenta Prize for Fiction. She has also written two collections of short stories—La mala reputació (“The Bad Reputation” – Proa, 2012) and Vents més salvatges (Wilder Winds – Empúries, 2016)—the collection of poems Ferida, udol, viatge, illa (“Wound, Howl, Journey, Island” – Bellaterra, 2017), and the essay Feminisme de butxaca: kit de supervivència (“Pocket Feminism: Survival Kit” – Angle editorial, 2017). She is the current president of the Associació d’Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC – Association of Catalan Language Writers) and is a columnist for Nació Digital and the magazine El Temps.

Update: 11 December 2018



Has participated in

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Panel discussion with Anita Heiss, Stefanie Kremser, and Bel Olid

Dialogue between Jane Lazarre and Bel Olid

Maternity, Activism and Democracy

Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest

Bel Olid and Borja Bagunyà. Moderator: Jordi Nopca. Stage direction: Marc Caellas

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