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Orna Donath

Sociologist and writer, she has revolutionised debates around maternity with her latest book, Regretting Motherhood.

Orna Donath (Israel, 1976) is a research sociologist at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Beer-Sheva. Her field of study focuses on the social expectations projected on women, both those who are mothers and those who are not.

In 2011 she published her first study, Making a Choice, on Jewish women in Israel who don’t want to have children. Her first book, Regretting Motherhood (Knaus, 2016), published in several languages, is the result of a series of interviews with Israeli women. Beyond her research work, she is a volunteer at a help centre for victims of sexual aggression in the city of Ra’anana.

Update: 19 April 2017



Has participated in

Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest