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Brigitte Vasallo

Writer and feminist activist

Writer and researcher working in the areas of the processes of othering, affective policies, and cognitive capitalism. She has published the novel PornoBurka (Ediciones Cautivas, 2013 – with a Prologue by Juan Goytisolo) and also the essay Pensamiento monógamo, terror poliamoroso (Monogamous Thinking, Polyamorous Terror, La Oveja Roja, 2018), an inquiry into the centrality of monogamy in amorous constructions and how this system has been imposed. She has contributed to many jointly authored books, including Un esforç més (One More Effort, edited by Espai en Blanc, Bellaterra, 2013), (H)amor (Love(s), Continta me tienes, 2016), and Relatos Marranos (Smutty Tales, Pol·len Edicions, 2014), among others. As a cultural producer, she directed the first Festival de Cultura Txarnega de Barcelona (Barcelona Festival of Spanish Migrant Culture) and is a member of the Biguette Ballasco performing arts company. She also writes opinion pieces for several media publications like the daily ARA and Pikara Magazine, as well as coordinating a section of the RAC1 radio programme Vostè primer. A lecturer in the master’s degree programme Gender and Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Update: 9 October 2020



Has participated in

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