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Helen Torres

Sociologist, translator and educator, specialist in feminist approaches and narratives, Helen Torres has developed studies from critical social theory inspired by the cyborg metaphor and using, among others, the methodology of narrative productions (interviews become stories). She has published Autopsia de una langosta (Melusina, 2009), a hybrid between essay and fiction, Relatos Marranos (Pol·len, 2014) and "Ciutat Morta". Chronicle of Case 4F (Huidobro, 2016).

She has translated Testigo_Modesto@Segundo_Milenio. HombreHembra_Conoce_OncoRatón (Ed. UOC, 2004), on which she has coordinated various postgraduate seminars, and the Chthuluceno Manifesto from Santa Cruz (Laboratory Planet, 2016). Currently, she coordinates feminist speculation workshops and seminars and workshops on performative reading around the Manifiesto Chthuluceno desde Santa Cruz (Haraway, 2016). In the context of exhibitions (It's time for Chthulu, Rencontres Bandits-Mages, Bourges, 2016; Recomposicions Maquíniques, Barcelona, ​​2017; Transitio_MX / 2017, Mexico, 2017).

Update: 17 May 2021


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