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Science Friction

Is it possible to imagine a non-apocalyptic future?

Open conversation between Julia Ramírez-Blanco and Cuchara collective

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In these pandemic times, apocalyptic myths come to mind and leave us immobile. We need stories of continuity that nourish, invent, improvise and discover ways to live and die well with others, multispecies narratives “full of dying as living, as full of endings, even genocides, as beginnings” says Haraway.

In this session, we will converse with researcher and historian Julia Ramírez-Blanco and with activists from the food emancipation initiative Cuchara, to delve deeper into the challenges of projects that combine activism, art and science, speculative fables that materialise into stories without heroes or definitive endings: how can we generate stories of continuity, of becoming, with companion species? How can we work for regeneration and flourishment? How can we cultivate the ruins that nowadays are our gardens? Which practices should we strengthen and what knowledge must we develop in greater depth to contribute to this flourishment?

Participants: Julia Ramírez Blanco, Cuchara

Directors: Helen Torres

This activity is part of Science Friction, Conversations among ruins

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Conversations among ruins

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