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Which myths are needed?

Mafe Moscoso and Ma Antònia Martí Escayol

We talk with anthropologist, independent researcher and migrant Mafe Moscoso and environmental historian and science-fiction writer Maria Antònia Martí Escayol about other myths narrated with the mixed languages of art, history and speculative fabulation: how long, with who and how is life for a tree, a fly, a plastic bag? How can we perceive human lives as unique, diverse, intertwined with each other and with non-human beings, living and dead, visible and invisible, mortal and extinct? How do we re-write the battle zone that is the past? What is the place for speculative fabulation and science fiction in the construction of other myths and other cosmogonies? What worlds will surface from other understandings of life and death on the planet?

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13 November 2021