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Conversations among ruins

What is life?

Open conversation with Alicia Kopf and Bego Vendrell

Courses and workshops + Debate

How does our perception of the human species change once life is understood as a co-existence between unfamiliar beings? How do new beings originate from association and cooperation? What should be cut and what should be connected so that multispecies relationships flourish? What types of narratives are generated from the links and frictions between the entities?

In this first session, we will focus on the endosymbiotic theory of biologist Lynn Margulis, which sustains that “new species evolve primarily through long-term interaction”. We will explore the friction between natural selection and competition as the driving force of evolution; and symbiosis and co-operation as generators of life.

We will speak with biologist and professor Bego Vendrell, a disciple of Margulis, and artist and writer Alicia Kopf about the flow of energy and matter that generates life through change.

Participants: Bego Vendrell, Alicia Kopf

Directors: Helen Torres

This activity is part of Science Friction, Conversations among ruins

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