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Conversations among ruins

How to make kin with the other species?

Open conversation with Clara Piazuelo and Eloïsa Matheu

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In Staying with the Trouble, Donna Haraway urges us to strive for a mutual understanding and cooperation between humans as well as between humans and non-humans. If life is maintained and generated through relationships between organisms from different species, to continue to recover and flourish there is an urgent need to strengthen multispecies kinships.

In this session, we will talk about co-domestication, zoonosis, compost, collaborations between species and responsibility with investigator Clara Piazuelo and biologist and sound landscaper Eloïsa Matheu: how do we let non-human beings affect us? How can we practise curiosity without sadism to mutually know one another? What form will each kinship take, where and who connect and disconnect the lines, and what happens with it? Who lives and who dies, and how, in each kinship? What kinships should we strengthen to contribute to the rebalancing of the world?

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Conversations among ruins

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