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Conversations among ruins

Is it possible to build shelters in a damaged planet?

Open conversation with Cristina de Llanos Santaulària and Ignasi Castellví

Courses and workshops + Debate

Refuges are vital for the maintenance of cultural and biological diversity, and for the reconfiguration of worlds. However, according to Donna Haraway, “right now, the earth is full of refugees, human and not, without refuge.”

In this session, we will talk about co-existence and competition between humans and non-humans, the ruralisation of forests and regeneration practices, and the rebalancing of the ecosystems: how can we regenerate refuges? How can we contribute to the rebalancing of ecosystems? How can we practise a cooperative co-existence between symbionts, that is to say, living beings associated with each other? How can we perform the art of diplomacy between organisms of different species? Hosting the session are Cristina de Llanos Santaulària, from Remugabosc, a project in silvopasture tied to the production of sheep and goat meat, and Ignasi Castellví, from the Centre d'Estudi i Divulgació del Llop SIGNATUS.


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Conversations among ruins

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