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Conversations among ruins

How to escape from human exceptionalism?

Open conversation with Toni Navarro and Óscar Martín

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Human exceptionalism considers the human species to be superior to all other species. This disregard for what is non-human underlies the idea that Earth and its inhabitants are resources to exploit and goods to protect. However, according to philosopher Isabelle Stengers, it is not a question of protection or preservation, but of not assuming responsibilities in the face of an ecological catastrophe.

In this session, we will converse with independent researcher, artist and programmer Óscar Martín and philosopher Toni Navarro about the networks of biochemical consciousness, non-human intelligence, responsibility and technologies of terraformation: what responsibilities must we assume, especially if we consider ourselves superior to all other species? What can we learn from non-human intelligence? How can we terraform with companion species? What role does technology play? How do activism, philosophy, art and science fit together?

Participants: Toni Navarro, Óscar Martín

Directors: Helen Torres

This activity is part of Science Friction, Conversations among ruins

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Conversations among ruins

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