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In Defense of the Public Library

Soy Cámara online

Created to guarantee access to knowledge, public libraries have traditionally been associated with book-lending and quiet rooms. The emergence of the Internet has called their role into question. But libraries have transformed and extended their activity, faithful to their original function. This programme acknowledges the work of the public library and its staff as agents of change in the community in a context marked by budgetary constraints and the adaptation of services to new technologies and new social needs. We interview Carme Galve, Virginia Cierco, Carme Fenoll, Marta Cano, Marta Muñoz and Marta Puig to talk about these transformations.

Written and directed by Sònia Aran & Maria Farràs
Edited by Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Soy Cámara Production: Víctor Diago

Participants: Susan Orlean

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17 January 2020