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Thinking About the Pandemic

The rapid expansion of COVID-19 has dramatically forced us to face up to the fragility of human life and, in a world which, for some years now, has been plunged into several political and ecological crises, that this situation is taking on a significance of a scope we do not yet know. Tomorrow’s world looks full of uncertainties, but also new possibilities. More than ever now, we need spaces for discussion, for sharing, and for exchanging the possible futures that are opening out before us.

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Alessandro Baricco and Jorge Carrión

Augmented Humanity

In the present situation of health emergency and restrictions on collective life, the Italian novelist and essayist Alessandro Baricco, and the writer Jorge Carrión will speak from their respective confinements about this unprecedented state of affairs and its meaning and consequences at the global level.

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Stefano Mancuso

Vegetal Future

On the occasion of the publication in Spanish of his book La nación de las plantas (The Nation of Plants, Galaxia Gutenberg 2020), the writer and researcher Stefano Mancuso, a pioneer in the field of plant neurobiology and one of its most influential popularisers, offers his revolutionary views on the plant world.

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Augmented Humanity