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Albert Badia and Patricia Tamayo

Cosirar is a seed-word. As the poet and rural veterinarian María Sánchez says, it means dropping by to make sure people, other animals or plants are OK. To find out if they need help or attention. It’s something more than just observing, watching, or reviewing. It means being attuned to what’s going on around us. It means protecting, gathering, merging.

Text: Patricia Tamayo. Initial fragment from Almáciga
by María Sánchez.
Voices: Antoni Puig and Patricia Tamayo
Director, script writer and editor: Albert Badia and Patricia Tamayo
Sound design: Oriol Campi
Production: 15L Films
Original version: Catalan and Spanish
Catalan, Spanish and English translation: La correccional

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11 June 2021