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Charisma and Power: the New Politic Class

Soy Cámara online


“Charismatic authority: it is based on the personal attributes of a leader". Taking as our starting point this definition by Max Weber, we trace the origin of the charismatic leader back to the fascist movements of the 1930s and the dictatorial governments that emerged after World War II. Is the charismatic leader back? Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and a series of far-right nationalist politicians who have shaken Europe seem to suggest this is the case: they base their campaign on fears of terrorist attacks and racial hatred, almost always anti-Muslim; on putting “our people” first, and on criticising globalisation from reactionary positions. Their discourse depends on exaggerated body language and simple, direct oratory. With Chantal Mouffe, Julia Cagé and Owen Jones, we try to find the reasons for this situation: political centralisation, the crisis of the media or the lack of a left to channel the “angry vote” are possible explanations.Finally, Pedro Olalla and Tzvetan Todorov discuss solutions and dilemmas to the problems arising from this return of charisma in politics, against the backdrop of the idea of today’s unstable Europe.

Direction, scriptwriting and editing: Montse Pujol (UPF, Audiovisual Communication), Marc Montull (UPF, Humanities, Journalism)

Language: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Finish, German, Hungarian

Subtitles: Spanish

Duration: 10min 10 s

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2 June 2017