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Lands of Fog

Serious game

This project presents a full-body, interactive mixedreality environment that enables users to come

face to face as they explore the virtual environment projected onto the ground. The research related to the project – which began in 2013 and is still in progress – aims to provide psychologists and therapists with a tool that will help them to encourage and improve the social initiation behaviour of children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The space in which they interact, measuring 6 metres in diameter, enables a child who has an ASD to play with another child without an ASD in a kind of giant video game. The design of Lands of Fog is aimed at achieving the following goals: 1) to create a context in which a child with an ASD can interact with a child without an ASD in a manner similar to that which might occur in a public park or school playground; 2) to ensure that the child with an ASD feels comfortable, given that in general they are keen on video games; 3) to make the space big enough to explore and to discover individually and with others; 4) to ensure that the children end up co-operating to achieve the small goals in the game; and 5) to help children without an ASD to see that a child with an ASD can be a very good playmate.

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18 December 2019