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Videogames and the spirit of capitalism

Paolo Pedercini

Historically, video games have been criticised for being an escapist medium, for being set in a magic circle that cuts us off from real life. Even so, they are exerting an increasingly powerful influence on the way many people perceive and interpret the world. This impact of video games on the social imaginary is not simple, nor is it only one-way: video games often reiterate dominant ideologies and reinforce gender stereotypes, but they can also communicate alternative discourses, feminist or green messages, and can convey critical thinking on a range of themes, including technological capitalism itself and the video game industry. 

The academic, artist and game activist Paolo Pedercini is known mainly as the main figure behind La Molleindustria, a web-based platform via which he designs and publishes critical video games imbued with biting sarcasm on contemporary capitalism and various other social issues. Video of a talk given by Pedercini at Indiecade East (2014)

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25 February 2014