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Virtual Perfusionist

Serious game. Beyond entertainment

Without needing to oppose the pleasure of gaming, some video games are created for serious purposes or may have certain sensitive implications and so call for expert advice. Examples of this include educational video games aimed at formal teaching, video games for vocational training and video games to support the personal growth of minors with special needs.

The Virtual Perfusionist is a serious game that trains people to control the extracorporeal blood circulation pump used in coronary surgery when the heart is not beating. It is a 3D learning resource that combines play and simulation and has been jointly developed by the Polytechnic.

University of Catalonia, the University of Barcelona and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
CREB (Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering) at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia Faculty of Medicine at the University of Barcelona.
Perfusion Unit, ICCV, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

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18 December 2019