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Mission Curiosity

A Martian project for students of elementary school


In this project, students will have the opportunity to put their questions about the red planet and space exploration to Catalan experts in both the scientific field and the social sciences and arts. A mission to Mars crewed by elementary school aeronauts who visit the exhibition Mars. The red mirror.

Mission Curiosity addresses the perspective of the little ones who will be able to explore Mars in a guided tour of the exhibition. The journey will take them from the earliest civilizations, and their original impulse to observe the night sky and seek answers through magic and myths, to the most cutting-edge contemporary scientific proposals. This new research explores the possibility of a planet B and yet investigates the care and regeneration of planet Earth in the age of climate emergency. Therefore, the visit is driven by the environmental awareness that Mars awakens as a mirror of the Earth.

The guided tour allows students to approach the exhibition in a dynamic and participatory way with the aim of arousing their curiosity about the neighboring planet from various fields of knowledge. Children who visit the exhibition during the month of March will have the opportunity to put their most unique questions, whether they are scientific, environmental or literary issues, whether they are about past History, about present explorations or possible futures. The answers to their curiosity will be made public during the months of May and June in short clips made by the experts themselves.

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