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Yayo Herrero

An anthropologist, agricultural engineer, social educator, and a leading voice of ecofeminism, she is presently a lecturer in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development in the UNESCO Chair at UNED (National University of Distance Education). The main area of her research has been criticism of the capitalist model of development and production as a threat to life and the planet. She combines this with activism and working with a range of media outlets, among them, and was national coordinator of the platform Ecologistas en Acción and director of the eco-social educational foundation FUHEM. She has published chapters in books including Cambiar las gafas para mirar el mundo (Libros en Acción, 2011), La gran encrucijada (Libros en Acción, 2016), and Petróleo (Arcadia, 2018) and is also co-author of the illustrated book Canvi climatic (Climate Change – Litera, 2019), in which she offers an intelligible, informative account of the present ecological collapse.


Update: 27 January 2020


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