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Miguel Pajares

Social anthropologist, professor at the UB and president of the Catalan Commission for Refugee Assistance.

A social anthropologist, researcher at the University of Barcelona and president of the Comissió Catalana d’Ajuda al Refugiat (Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid), he is the Spanish rapporteur for the OECD System of Permanent Observation of Migration (SOPEMI) and an expert member – in the field of immigration and asylum – of the European Social and Economic Committee. In the University domain, he is a member of the University of Barcelona Research Group on Exclusion and Social Control, while also teaching in masters courses in a number of Spanish universities. Author of several novels with a considerable emphasis on upholding social causes, among them Aguas de venganza (Waters of Revenge, 2016) and Crímenes de hambre (Hunger Crimes, Alrevés, 2018), he has also published numerous essays and articles on such issues as immigration, asylum, human rights, and the struggle against racism. His book Refugiados climáticos, un gran reto del siglo XXI (Climate Refugees, a Great Challenge for the 21st Century, Rayo Verde, 2020) probes the dilemmas of considering as refugees people expelled from their countries by climate change.


Update: 17 June 2021



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