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Jordi Nopca, Maria Rodés and Nico Roig

Do you wolf down music or are you a word gourmet?

“The thing I like best about Spain is Mercadona’s sobrasada”, says writer Michel Houllebecq quite unashamedly. You think what you eat. There is a direct relation between what you eat and what you write. But how do you chew a concept and how do you digest it? We want to know what ...

Arrautza, ou, huevo, oeuf, egg

Lecture by Bernardo Atxaga

Why are all languages important? What happens when a language falls into disuse or disappears? In the closing session of the international Linguapax symposium the writer Bernardo Atxaga shares his thoughts on the need to safeguard and strengthen linguistic diversity in the world.


Barriers against free movement of people and human rights

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