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A museum “in-between”

Susana Arias

Notes for a mediation programme which places the emphasis on openness and listening, participation, the creation of networks and proximity.

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Inside the exhibition "AI: Artificial Intelligence"

Lluís Nacenta and Jordi Torres talk about the cultural and scientific changes surrounding the AI

Curator Lluís Nacenta, and scientific adviser to the exhibition “AI: Artificial Intelligence”, Jordi Torres, explain how artificial intelligence is created and developed and how it impacts our lives in science and in art. A conversation to introduce us to this omnipresent ...

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Visits to the exhibition "AI: Artificial Intelligence"

Do not miss our guided visits in Catalan or Spanish to the exhibitions. We also offer introductions, tours for groups and tours for people with deafness, blindness or low vision. 

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The Apprentice

A space to play, experiment and learn about artificial intelligence. A corner designed for all ages, where you can also kick back or browse books related to the exhibition "AI: Artificial Intelligence".
Tuesday to Sunday, 11.00 - 19.30
Free admission

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