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Touring activities

Win-Win/Afther the End of the World

Moscow / Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

After the exhibition Afther the End of the World at the CCCB and the MAAT in Lisbon, the installation Win-Win by the documentary theatre company Rimini Protokoll is presented at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow. 


The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow hosts the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100. A major exhibition project that brings together historical and new works by over 50 Russian and international artists. It takes a look at a future already in the making when the environmental agenda will become one of the main political questions.

The suggested timeline references two widely speculative points in time taken from the sphere of popular science and iconic science fiction. First, 2030 is proposed by Paul R. Ehrlich in the book Beyond the Limit as the year when existing resources of oil will be exhausted, putting an end to the Oil Age. Second, 2100 denotes the year that, according to predictions made by Arthur C. Clarke in the 1960s, human life will be able to expand to other star systems. The exhibition alludes to a compressed period of time starting from the not too distant future when the human race will be forced to live with the final knowledge that there is no planet B.

The installation presented as part of the exhibition proposes a dramatic immersive experience on climate change. It puts us face to face with the winning and losing species of the climate crisis where the human race is in danger.


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