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Win-Win/Afther the End of the World

Busan / Museum of Contemporary Art Busan

After being shown at the MAAT in Lisbon and at the Garage in Moscow, the installation Win-Win presented in the framework of the exhibition After the End of the World at the CCCB, starts a new journey at Museum of Contemporary Art in Busan.

Eco-Visionaries is a project initiated by Fundação EDP/MAAT of Lisbon, Bildmuseet in Sweden, HeK in Basel and LABoral in Gijón, in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts in London and Matadero in Madrid.

The exhibition Eco-Visionaries. Confronting a planet in a state of emergency displays the damaging effects of modern life, from climate change to species extinction and resource depletion. The exhibition examines humankind’s impact on the planet and presents innovative approaches that reframe our relationship with nature. Through film, installation, architectural models and photography, the works in this exhibition interrogate how architecture, art and design are reacting to a rapidly changing world, beyond mainstream notions of sustainability.

It is within the framework of this exhibition that the work Win-Win by the German theatre company Rimini Protokoll is inscribed. An installation that proposes a dramatic and immersive experience about climate change and its consequences. The play brings us face to face with the winning and losing species of the climate crisis, where the human species is in danger.