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Touring activities

Win-Win/Afther the End of the World

Linz / Schlossmuseum Linz

After being shown at the MAAT in Lisbon, at the Garage in Moscow and the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the installation Win-Win presented in the framework of the exhibition After the End of the World at the CCCB, starts a new journey at the Schlossmuseum of Linz in Austria. 

Jellyfish have existed on this earth for over 670 million years - and just about everything that harms our ecosystem fosters their existence. The number of jellyfish is increasing worldwide. For this reason, biologists have repeatedly made the same prediction: When everything else has perished, jellyfish will be the sole survivors.

It is from these premises that the installation of the German theatre company Rimini Protokoll is presented. A dramatic and immersive experience about climate change and its consequences. The play brings us face to face with the winning and losing species of the climate crisis, where the human species is in danger.


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