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Benjamin Grant

Historian, Founder of DailyOverview

Benjamin Grant has made it his life’s work to bring the overview effect to as many people as possible. In 2013, he founded Daily overview, a project that taps into the power of the world’s highest-resolution imaging satellites to share one purposefully-composed, expansive view of our planet each day. Educated as a historian at Yale, he combines research with a keen-eye artistry to offer a perspective on humanity’s relationship with the Earth. His compositions create powerful tension through abstract aesthetics that encourage inquisitiveness into the true and deeper narrative of what you are seeing.

Grant has grown Daily overview into one of the most popular blogs on social media, garnering the largest following on Instagram of any brand with an environmental focus. His best-selling book Overview has been critically-acclaimed by The New York Times, The Economist, Fast Company, CNN, was selected as one of the Best Books of 2016 by Amazon, The Smithsonian, and the Los Angeles Times and has been translated into seven languages. Images from Daily overview have been featured in hundreds of publications around the world including. Large-format prints of his images have been shown at numerous exhibitions around the world with noteworthy installations in Munich, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

Update: 14 September 2017

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