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Gandules'17 - Gas Natural Fenosa

Wild and Dangerous

Summer cinema is back at the CCCB with a programme devoted to wild and dangerous women in the world of cinema. The films are selected by feminist researcher María Castejón.

Good girls go to heaven but bad girls go everywhere.
Mae West

Femmes fatales, witches, rebels, bad mothers and wives, gang members, mad women, adolescent vampires... The cinema is full of wild and dangerous women who have trampled on the mandates of genre and created new references, but who have also had to pay a high price for their defiance.

This year’s programme at Gandules 17 – Gas Natural Fenosa pays tribute to them with nine films that feature women who shatter stereotypes and break with conventions: femmes fatales, everyday rebels, imperfect mothers or violent women are the stars of a programme that includes films from all epochs, genres and nationalities.

From the 8th to 24th of August, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 22.00 at Pati de les Dones. Free entrance. In case of rain, the session will move to the Hall of CCCB.

Share your songs about women rebels and dangerous women: take part in #Gandules17!

"Yo no soy esa que tú te creías / La paloma blanca que te baila el agua / Que ríe por nada diciendo sí a todo / Esa niña, sí, no / Esa no soy yo" (I’m not that girl you thought I was / A white dove dancing for you on the water / Laughing for no reason and saying yes to everything / That girl, yes, no / That girl is not me)

Songs like Yo no soy esa by Mari Trini, which we have chosen for the promotional video for Gandules’17, are possible anthems for the cinema film al fresco season that we present this year. Can you think of any other songs that talk about women rebels and dangerous women? Help us create the soundtrack for #Gandules17:

  • Share the title of a song on the social media networks using the hashtag #Gandules17.

Between us we’ll create this summer’s top rebel songs list!

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#Gandules17 Wild and Dangerous

The CCCB's outdoor cinema

Summer cinema is back at the CCCB with a programme devoted to wild and dangerous women in the world of cinema. The films are selected by feminist researcher María Castejón.

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