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Born to Suffer (Nacidas para sufrir)

Session 9: Wild and dangerous closer to home



Born to Suffer (Nacidas para sufrir)
Miguel Albaladejo
2009 / Espanya / 35 mm / 103 min / VO with English subtitles

After spending her whole life looking after others, when Flora sees old age approaching she doesn’t want others to look after her. To secure her own future, she makes an intelligent plan with the help of Purita, the young woman who’s been helping her with housework. Miguel Albaladejo uses costumbrism and humour—black and lots of it—to construct a surprising, sincere and dark story about women who’ve devoted their lives to others and then rebel.

Check the complete programme of Gandules'17 - Gas Natural Fenosa, "Wild and Dangerous".

This activity is part of Gandules'17 - Gas Natural Fenosa, Gandules

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