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Workshops for young people

This summer will be different and to give it form we need you. We’re staying in Barcelona, but we’ll make our mark. And we know you have a lot to say. That’s why we’re opening this collective creation laboratory: a space to do things together, think about doing them differently, create, experiment and have our say. Are you in? We want to hear your voice!

We’re opening a creation lab for 14- to 18-year-olds where you can shape your own experience, and explore and document your surroundings. A programme of 10 workshops in collaboration with collectives of local creators who’ll help us to find the tools to explain how we see the world and, most of all, to see whether it’s possible to conceive of it differently. You can choose between lots of disciplines, from urban dance, rap and screen-printing to documentary-making, fanzines, selfies, contemporary dance, martial arts, podcasts, autoethnography, urban art and video mapping. A week, a collective, a discipline and new faces. What do you say?

Previous activities

The visualized city

Code drawing and video-mapping workshop with Alba G. Corral

Ear and heart. Listening devices

Podcasting workshop with Radio Africa and Xarxa de Ràdios Comunitàries de Barcelona

Write Baybayin

Workshop about Pinay identity and urban art with Catàrsia


Contemporary dance and martial arts workshop with Kernel Dance Theatre

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Get printing!

Screen-printing workshop with La Modesta and the Street Vendors’ Union of Barcelona

Kaleidoscope of sayings

Experimental fanzine workshop with Laboratorio móvil

Oh My Goig at the CCCB

Audiovisual workshop about non-normative gender identities with Camille Zonca and El Parlante

Selfie wall

Self-representation workshop using a mobile with Anna Surinyach and Séverine Sajous

Speaking out in times of pandemic

Rap and hip hop workshop with Versembrant

Out of Afrobeatz

Sub-Saharan African urban dance workshop with Ku’dancin Afrobeatz


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