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Contemporary dance and martial arts workshop with Kernel Dance Theatre


With Karate Kid, Boomers learned that the aim of martial arts was not to promote violence, and that they go much further. KUNE is a method of movement and training based on dynamics that use the resources of contemporary dance, martial arts and theatre to improve self-knowledge of the body. By working and placing the body in certain positions, we will discover instinctive physicality. The use of resources such as Philippine Kali will help us to explore the precision of movement and focus on increasing muscle strength, accuracy and releasing emotions such as anger. We’ll learn to use each of these resources and have a space to improvise and create a piece collectively. It is about discovering, investigating and developing our instinct, consciousness and physical abilities while sharing, creating a space without prejudices for dialogue, listening and expression.

Participants: Kernel Dance Theatre

This activity is part of Eh!

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