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Selfie wall

Self-representation workshop using a mobile with Anna Surinyach and Séverine Sajous


How do we use images to explain who we are? Are we really what we present? What’s the role of social media in the image we show of ourselves? How do stereotypes influence us when it comes to taking photographs and photographing ourselves?

In this workshop we want to think about images, how we use them and how they influence our behaviour, and acquire resources to generate our own visual story. It’s about working with tools in order to break stereotypes by producing images: stereotypes about adolescence, origin, social class—about everything around us. At the end of the workshop, we’ll make a selfie wall to show both the visible and invisible boundaries of today’s young people.

Requirements: bring a mobile phone.

Participants: Severine Sajous, Anna Surinyach

This activity is part of Eh!

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