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Graphic Constellation

Comic book meetings and workshops for all ages

A programme of comic-book workshops for all ages

“La Comiquera” is a space open to visitors to have fun and experiment with the language of comic books. It’s a place to get together and kick back, with a library of comic books and fanzines, and fun ideas for drawing. While Graphic Constellation runs at the Centre, it will host workshops and meetings with the artists in the exhibition and guests from the independent comic book world.

Located in the foyer on the second floor, on the way to the exhibition Graphic Constellation, at “La Comiquera” you can take part in a programme of small-format workshops, for adults and children, with the artists of Graphic Constellation: Bàrbara Alca, Marta Cartu, Genie Espinosa, Ana Galvañ, Nadia Hafid, Conxita Herrero, María Medem, Miriampersand and Roberta Vázquez, and other guests from the world of independent comics.

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