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Authors: Nadia Hafid and Conxita Herrero

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Comic book meetings and workshops for all ages

Nadia Hafid and Conxita Herrero

Domestic Missives

Courses and workshops

A workshop about living together as reflected through a comic strip, designed and facilitated by Nadia Hafid and Conxita Herrero, two of the authors included in the exhibition Graphic Constellation.

This workshop will look at the concepts of home, day-to-day life, privacy and correspondence to generate a narrative in comic format based on the messages that we leave – or that are left for us – in our homes, both when we live with other people and when we’re in other people’s houses.

We will work on different comic formats, like the classic post-it for leaving notes on the fridge about various household matters, or other more unusual methods that act as an internal household email system within our most private day-to-day lives.


In "La Comiquera" comic-book creation space, in the Floor-2 Foyer of the CCCB.

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