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Authors: Ana Galvañ i María Medem

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Comic book meetings and workshops for all ages

Ana Galvañ and María Medem

Outside of logic

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Worlds characterised by strangeness and based on graphic experimentation are the common features of the work of Ana Galvañ and María Medem. The two authors from "Graphic Constellation" have designed a workshop to help us dare to think outside the logical structures of the comic and learn to create stories without any initial expectations.

In the workshop, we will write a short script for a story in which something strange and unexpected happens. If we can’t come up with any ideas, the authors have prepared a list of inspirational tunes and song lyrics! At the end of the session, all the stories will be shared to find a common link between them.


In "La Comiquera" comic-book creation space, in the Floor-2 Foyer of the CCCB.

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