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Marta Cartu

Family workshop “Big Bang Comic! An expanding constellation of comic strips”

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Can we make a comic jump off the page and expand through the room? In this workshop with the artist Marta Cartu, we will experiment, play and create an expanded comic. An activity designed for the whole family to enjoy "La Comiquera" comic-book creation space.

The activity starts with a visit to the exhibition Graphic Constellation to discover the most important elements of the language of the comic. In the workshop, we will then create a comic that will expand through the room. We will experiment and play with the formal and narrative resources offered by comics with the aim of exploring the possibilities they provide beyond the sphere of two dimensions.

Workshop designed and facilitated by Marta Cartu, one of the authors included in the exhibition Graphic Constellation.


In "La Comiquera "comic-book creation space, in the Floor-2 Foyer of the CCCB.

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