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Author: Marta Cartu

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Comic book meetings and workshops for all ages

Marta Cartu

The comic as a tool in the classroom

Courses and workshops + Education

How can comics be used for educational activities? The comic-book author and artist Marta Cartu gives this workshop for those people who want to know the key features of the comic language and apply them in educational contexts. 

The activity begins with a visit of the exhibition Graphic Constellation to analyse the most important elements of the language of the comic and the narrative of this medium. Afterwards, in the workshop, participants will be able to consolidate this knowledge through some hands-on experience. The activity will end with some reflections on how the language of the comic can be applied in the classroom, both formally and in terms of content, and to any subject in the educational curriculum.

Workshop designed and facilitated by Marta Cartu, one of the authors included in the exhibition Graphic Constellation.


In "La Comiquera" comic-book creation space, in the Floor-2 Foyer of the CCCB.

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