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Beta Station. Quantum explained by experts

An space for meetings, workshops and presentations

This activity is part of Quantum

Previous activities

Quantum: the experiment continues

Presentation of the “Quantum” series by the CCCB Lab digital magazine

Quantum Hackathon

Collaborative meeting, development and presentation of projects produced by visualising and sonifying the quantum universe

Quantum Technology and Cancer

Research and application in detecting and treating it

How the Alba Synchrotron aids quantum information

Research into materials and surfaces

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Presentation of the project by photographer Chema Madoz and scientist Ignacio Cirac

CNIO Arte. 2019 Edition – Quantum

Quantum Computing Workshop

IBMQ Experience

2nd World Metrology Day

New quantum formula for the kilogram, the mole, the ampere, the second and the kelvin

Enjoy Quantum! Co-Society #35

What is the future impacte in Industry?

Enjoy Quantum! Co-Society #35

What is the future impact in health?

The Quantum Computer at the BSC

A pioneering project