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Quantum Security: a Re-Evolution for the corporate world

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How the business world addresses the challenges of cybersecurity in the context of the second quantum revolution.

Quantum Computing modifies many of things we take for granted in businesses today. The way we create and keep secret is challenged and quantum technologies disrupt different vertical, many sectors.

Built on the theory of quantum physics, if quantum computers would exist they would represent a gigantic leap in computing power and the way we use technology. But do they exist and what can we do with them? There are massive investments around the world in this discipline and, in the very same way that the space race and the fight for nuclear power have been instrumental in recent decades, we are experiencing now not an era of changes but the change of an era.

By attending this session attendees will understand the actual situation of quantum technologies and what they mean for organizations, the challenges we will encounter and, most importantly, the impact it has on the way we govern the Enterprise IT. Since quantum computing is not an evolution. It’s a Re-Evolution.

IWith Ramsés Gallego, Strategist at the Office of the CTO in Symantec, Executive Vice President of Quantum World Association and partner at Entanglement Partners, and José Ignacio Latorre, Professor of Quantum Physics at the UB and curator of the exhibition Quantum.

Participants: Ramsés Gallego

This activity is part of Quantum, Beta Station. Quantum explained by experts

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