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Enjoy Quantum! Co-Society #35

What is the future impact in health?

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Institute of Next & CCCB are organising this quantum innovation session to present the different applications of quantum physics and computing, and their capacity to generate new products, services and processes in the very near future.

The aim of the session is to connect the production fabric with rapid advances in quantum physics and computing to update companies with the latest results in these disciplines and present start-ups that are conducting concept testing in different fields such as food, health and wellbeing, and faster data processing based on new developments in quantum information.

The company-targeted session will begin with a guided visit to the exhibition Quantum, Making the Visible Invisible, offering participants an accessible guide through nine windows of knowledge and prompting them to consider basic quantum principles and their technological applications.

Attendees will then take part in the workshop Enjoy Quantum. What is the Impact on my Business? The aim is to address questions arising during the visit and understand the potential impact of quantum technology on each sector of business activity.

Our everyday life is surrounded by sensors, atomic clocks, magnetic resonance machines, computers and lasers, and conditioned by the quantum world. Quantum physics is gradually becoming advanced quantum engineering. In a very short period of time we will probably see the advent of machines with a speed of data processing that will cause disruptions in all sectors of activity. In this session, scientists, technologists and company heads of innovation will share and exchange scientific and technological knowledge, new applications and examples.

The new economy of the 21st century will be intimately linked to the application of quantum principles, which continue to be researched at all possible scales.

Cycle moderated by Alfons Cornella

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